Dave Gerry interviews Ian McSorley about Put A Cork In It

Award-winning broadcaster, Dave Gerry interviews Ian McSorley about the Put A Cork In It wine cork recycling program in Vancouver BC. In this video, he also interviews Gina Ness, manager of Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive — one of the original participants in the program — and catches their bartenders shooting corks into our container.

Great stuff. Enjoy!

Note: This video was produced before we had test results back from the laser cutting contractor, which as you’ll see in our June 20 post, were unsuccessful. So, we’re still in search of the best method of cutting the corks into tile-sized discs. If you have a solution, we’d love to hear from you!

About the author

Ian launched the Put a Cork in it recycling program in 2010. He is a big proponent of renewable energy and sustainability. And he walks the talk.