Centre-pieces for the wedding tables

June 15th, 2015

Ashlee Parras used her recycled corks to fill different height glass cylinders and perched LED ‘tea lights’ on top of them. Stylishly simple! Thanks for sharing Ashlee.

Buy recycled wine corks on-line

December 12th, 2013

Now you can buy boxes of 100 or boxes of 1,000 recycled wine corks on-line for delivery to Canadian destinations. We can also ship to destinations outside Canada. Please email us to make arrangements.

box of 100 recycled wine corks for purchase on-line

New location in Kelowna!

November 13th, 2013


We want to welcome Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna as our most recent participant in our wine cork recycling program. Previously our northern-most location was the Vinegar Works in Summerland.

Now all you Kelowna wine lovers can return all those corks you’ve been saving much closer to home. And, since you’re already at a great winery, you may want to restock your wine rack!

Summerhill proprietor, Stephen Cipes, started his vineyard with clones he brought from France and personally planted on his hands and knees. The results from his organic farming practices and fine wine making are regularly honoured at international wine competitions — even garnering the gold medal in Champagne France against French Champagnes! Sounds like you owe it to yourself to make a trip to Summerhill Pyramid Winery if you haven’t already been.


Harvesting cork bark

October 31st, 2013

Great video clearly shows the harvesting process. Cork trees are first harvested when they are about 20 years old. They can be reharvested every nine years or so. In this video you’ll see workers painting a large white “9” on the trunk after the bark has been stripped. This is the year (2009) that the tree was harvested, so they can tell when the same trees are ready for the next harvest. The ones shown in this video would be ready again around 2018. This process can be repeated throughout the life of the tree which is about 200 years. Now that’s sustainability.

Wonder how cork stopper are made?

October 31st, 2013

Pretty amazing combination of hi-touch (and hi-risk), hands-on operations combined with some very sophisticated computerized quality control scanning and sorting.

Engelhardt wins £10,000 Visitors Choice Award

October 11th, 2013

Conrad Engelhardt in front of his cork portrait of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The portrait won the £10,000 Visitors' Choice award at the 2013 Threadneedle Prize.As covered in our previous post, Conrad Engelhardt, was one of 95 finalists in the Threadneedle Prize — one of the UK’s largest art prize competitions. Last night, no one was more surprised (and delighted) than Conrad to learn that he was the recipient of the Visitors’ Choice Award – the result of ~15,000 votes.

In Conrad’s words: “I wanted to share the amazing news, that last night at the Mall Galleries I was stunned to learn that I had won the 2013 Visitors’ Choice Award for the Threadneedle Prize.  It was a surreal experience.  As the announcement was being made, the presenter said “I know the winner is here tonight” and as I heard that I thought that makes sense, that they would have contacted the winner to make sure they attended.  Then to watch him proceed to tear open an envelope, pull out a slip of paper, and say “the winner is Conrad Engelhardt,” it did not quite compute – I wasn’t even sure how they knew who I was.  It took me a moment before I was sure I heard correctly before I walked up to accept.  What an incredible experience and so happy for so many people to have seen my art over the past three weeks.  I was told somewhere around 15,000 people voted.

Thank you so much for those of you who voted and for those who didn’t, well you are off the hook.  On a serious note, thank you for your corks and your votes, as I wanted to share the amazing news.  You can enjoy a brief announcement of the award on their homepage.”


The Dutch Put a Cork In It!

March 22nd, 2013

We’re not talking about leaky dikes. Lukas van Eeden and Sebastiaan Herbschleb, two young entrepreneurs in Amstardam are launching the Netherlands Put A Cork In It wine cork recycling program. We are sharing our program branding and they are coordinating the Dutch translations and production of the counter-top collection containers. As soon as that is ready they will recruit Amsterdam restaurants that are interested in participating. They’ve started a Facebook page to keep you updated on their progress in the Netherlands.

We will share our insights on communicating the benefits to participants and the public as well as potential up-cycling of the corks and the best transportation logistics based on our 3 years experience.

I love Amsterdam, so now have one more great reason to plan a visit. Dank u veel!

21,000 corks shipped to Industrial Design at ECU

October 4th, 2012

This September, in collaboration with Cork It, we shipped 16.7 cubic feet of corks to Emily Carr University for use in their industrial design faculty’s “New Wood Materials” class. We’re hoping that all the bright young minds in ECU’s Industrial Design program will develop products and processes that allow us to reprocess our recycled corks right here in Vancouver.

The 16.7 cubic feet we provided weighed 92 kg (203 lb) which represented ~21,000 corks. Processing corks here, rather than transporting them to Jelinek in Ontario, is more cost effective and will avoid the emissions resulting from their transport over 4,338 km (2,695 miles). According to the Texas Transportation Institute, shipping this weight over that distance by transport truck would result in 386 pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions —almost twice the weight of the goods being shipped!

So we should not only think about shopping locally, we should also think about recycling locally!

Let’s see what ECU’s best and brightest come up with. We’ll keep you informed.

2 New Vancouver North Shore Locations!

April 11th, 2012

We know that Vancouver’s North Shore is home to some of the best-stocked wine cellars and it breaks our hearts to think of all those used wine corks with no where to go.

To remedy the situation, we would like to welcome 2 new participants to the program — Libation Liquor Store in Dundarave and WCS Recycling in North Vancouver. Please see our North & West Vancouver locations map for details.

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kk/

Put a Cork In It, welcomes Liberty Wine Merchants

February 11th, 2012

We’d like to welcome our newest participant, Liberty Wine Merchants on Commercial Drive!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit, be sure to check out their great new location at 1622 Commercial Drive. Their beautiful new millwork holds a great selection of unique wines. And, in step with reducing their environmental footprint through measures like their energy efficient LED lighting, they are now also collecting your used corks for our program. Check it out and ask them about the benefits of getting a customer number while you’re at it.